Encounter Session

Honesty Class

We expert in cheating and betray ourselves and give utmost explanations to prove our misdeeds. When we used to return back to our houses after taking drugs, be it very apparent from our eyes and appearance that we have taken drugs but very smartly.

Honesty is an attribute which can be replenished and make string by practice of being truthful to ourselves and then only we can be honest to others.

Input Session

Commitment and dedication is the rule for success so as the surrender is the first step towards recovery for de-addiction and behavior improvement. It requires surrender of own decisions and opinions before the master, the guide.

Now we are in this organisation for correction. So we have to realize that we are powerless and incapable to reform ourselves and require surrender in front if the bigger authority

Encounter Session : Anger Management

Now after coming in this organisation we are learning that how to control anger and keep pertinence. It is certain that we can always keep our anger to ourselves, it is not only harmful for our health but also an obstacle in recovery

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